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This book starts with Tatsumi having a welcome home party because he got away from the Jaegers. However, Dr. Stylish followed him, and tried to take out Night Raid. Night Raid, (who got 2 new members in the middle of this book), managed to kill the follower. After this, Mine and Lubbo, have a hard time accepting these new members. Everyone else accepts them right away. Mine finds them annoying and Lubbo feels he is being replaced by a new member. The artwork is again, traditional manga. It is black and white with panels and the illustrations tell a major part of the story.At the beginning of this series, Tatsumi was over confident, and had trouble holding his own. He relied on the members of Night Raid. Now he is more reliable. He can hold his own. He has become very smart, and can fight WITH the members of Night Raid. He has grown into the role of assassin.

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